Bloc Party

If you’ve ever listened to rock music from across the pond (think everything from The Smiths to The Cure to Mogwai), you’ve heard the bands that influenced the sound of Bloc Party. Take the DJ out of the club, put him with a live rock band and have them perform an actual block party (the kind they have in the suburbs that you went to when you were like 15 years old) and you’re most of the way to the sound of Bloc Party. Now throw in an actual party atmosphere (read: recreational substances) and some killer vocals and we’ve arrived at our destination.

The music bridges the gap between too rock for the club and too club for any venue other than Congress. There’s just enough rock and programming to make it danceable but not give you a headache. Just enough vocal styling to make it a memorable sing-along without making it droll. It’s just right. It’s musical porridge. Rope off some extra space in Grant Park because the Bloc Party will be happening.