Walk Off The Earth

We’re going to talk about the magical stylings of Walk Off The Earth, but first you’re going to watch this video. You’ve probably already seen it, but that’s irrelevant. Watch it again anyways.

That video is huge. It’s at almost 112 MILLION views as of this writing. It’s been on the front page of Reddit, Google +1d, Facebook, etc., etc. You’re mom has probably even seen it. Five people playing one guitar could probably be considered gimmicky–if it didn’t turn out so fucking amazing. It spawned a line of Beard Guy t-shirts (that I’ve actually seen on the street in Chicago) and is probably what catapulted WOTE onto the Lolla roster in the first place. And thank God it did because now you get to hear the rest of their excellent original music instead of just a cover of a guy with a name that’s a little too close to a 4chan meme. Let’s start with “Polly,” their newest single:

Right? Pretty good, huh? Wait. That’s a Nirvana cover. Let’s try again. How about “Little Boxes?”

Damnit. That’s Malvina Reynolds. It’s an awesome music video, but it’s not original. Let’s take this party to Soundcloud!

There we go. That’s original. “These Days” by Walk Off The Earth. So what if YouTube is filled with awesome covers performed by Walk Off The Earth? That GOTYE cover got them signed to a major label, which is going to give the talented group of musicians a bankroll to produce more tracks like “These Days,” and give Beard Guy plenty of opportunities to stand around looking stoic. That’s a win-win situation in my opinion–as long as they keep producing these awesome videos to keep everyone else in the industry on their toes.