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Foxy Shazam at Metro Chicago

Mustaches. Jean jackets. Epic beards. Tights. Acrobatics. Tattoos. Crowd surfing. Bandanas. Jokes. Freddie Mercury’s ghost. Foxy Shazam is all of this and more when you see them live. In other words, they’re absolutely everything that’s right with a live rock performance.

The first thing you’re going to think of when you see Foxy Shazam on stage is Queen and that’s understandable. Describing lead singer Eric Sean Nally as Freddie Mercury incarnate is an easy comparison to make. His vocals stretch octaves. He rocks the whole gender ambiguous thing pretty well. He sings about fat bottomed girls. He’s got a sweet stache. But that comparison goes deeper than just Nally. Foxy Shazam is a band that understands the importance of a stage show. Start with somersaults, add some synchronous dancing, then throw in some crowd surfing with a keyboard and you’re half way to the point where you can properly paint a picture of the grandiose nature of their performance.

When people say they want you to give 110% they’re talking about putting in a Foxy Shazam amount of effort into whatever the fuck it is you happen to be doing. Even if you manage to put in that much effort, you’re probably not going to be doing anything half as awesomely as what transpired on the stage of Metro. Based on their performance, it seems unlikely that the members of Foxy Shazam are incapable of not roundhouse kicking your face off of your head with theatrically executed rock and roll. If Chuck Norris could sing, or play an instrument other than his fists, he would join Foxy Shazam. They’re that good.

DATE: Saturday, February 11, 2012
WORDS BY: Ben Dahl ( @CobaltInfinity )
PHOTOS BY: Tracy Graham ( @tracygrahamcrkr )

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